Welding Certification and Material Services
Independent Welder Approvals and Welder Procedure Qualification are required to fulfill both statutory and client requirements. The accreditation of FGI for procedure approvals covers all types of permanent jointing to ASME, AWS and EN ISO standards. Additionally, we offer approval for other processes and codes such as brazing and different plastic joining methods like solvent welding.
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The following is involved in the process:

  • The procedureā€™s review and provisional approval
  • Weld procedure approval (and welder if appropriate)
  • Test piece production on-site surveillance against written procedures
  • Review of any non-destructive or other test results
  • Witnessing laboratory of the test pieces

The procedure requirements will determine the number of test pieces. A range of material types and sizes are covered by several procedures. The applicable code defines the requirements for laboratory testing which vary from application to application.

Welder Approval

On approval of a procedure, individual welders can be evaluated against it, using the same process. A welder approval is typically valid for two years (three for braziers). However, the welder must use the defined process regularly to keep the approval valid. Also, the welder can prolong the approval by continually meeting the criteria set.

Material Services

Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and other similar EC Directives have made it mandatory for materials to prove that they fulfill their chemical and mechanical propertiesā€™ parameters. The result of this is material certificate requirements authentication. Whether you need surveillance at the mill or require subjecting material samples to a rigorous laboratory testing process, FGI can meet your requirements.

FGIā€™s material certification assessment and endorsement fulfills the requirement of a 3.2 certificate as defined in EN 10204 ā€˜Metallic Products-Types of inspection documentā€™. Additionally, it covers assessment of the plastic material that is to be shortly incorporated into the above specification.

The need for full material traceability has been one outcome of the introduction of European Directives like PED. The makes it mandatory for all materials to be fully documented and traceable, from the mill to the pressure equipment manufacturer, or the repair of such equipment.

FGI team can oversee and validate the transfer of material as well as the material certificates. The practical outcome of this is that material certificates for cut pieces can now be issued by material stockists with the same authenticity as the original certificate. Things to be supervised and recorded by FGI include:

  • Heat or cast number
  • Cutting of the piece
  • Endorsement of the copy of the original certificate with an endorsement stamp
  • The transfer of identification

In additional to the above, FGI can validate any of your valuable material in stock that has lost traceability with mechanical and chemical testing at a recognized laboratory. This is followed by the use of a valid material in the manufacture of pressure equipment.

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